There are a.lot of things happening. Some you can control, others you can’t. Some you can change, others impossible. It is midnight and I just counted the days I have used since the first day of 2019.

It is exactly 107 days since the start of the year 2019. Time really flies and sometimes it is difficult to account for where the time has vanished. I believe everyone wants to have the best year.

At the beginning, you made resolutions or set goals. If you want to make this year a great one, then you can do the following:

  1. Serve people and you will be the greatest.
  2. Put people first above self.
  3. Add value to people.
  4. Think of ways to add value.
  5. Do things that impact people’s lives and add value.
  6. Encourage those who discouraged and give hope or help those who are hopeless or helpless.
  7. Build relationships not breaking them.
  8. Dream big, and be disciplined.
  9. Keep your commitment and good name.
  10. Exploit your potential, build your faith and feed it.