CTSL Leadership Courses

The CTSL Uganda Leadership courses allow you to advance your ability to lead in today’s multifaceted environment, effectively influence your generation and cultures, and make the world a better place to live and change the course of events in your community and nation. CTSL believes leaders determine the destiny of families, companies, organizations, and states.

CTSL runs online and in-person seminars, making it flexible and accommodating diverse categories of professionals worldwide. You will be mentoring, coaching, and training opportunities that bring about personal transformation and success over time. You will gain practical knowledge, ideas, principles, and concepts that make you ready to lead, influence, advance, and transform your life and organization. CTSL offers basic and advanced leadership courses done.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

Students and participants who complete the leadership training will be able to:


• Apply the knowledge to lead and impact others.
• Demonstrate a better understanding of what leadership is and what it’s not. Leadership has been misunderstood.
• Develop their leadership skills.
• Differentiate between true leaders and false ones.
• Gain insight on leadership pitfalls, handle opposition, and effectively achieve great results.
• Demonstrate responsibility, accountability, ethical, professional, and standards of leadership.

Leadership Courses



Basic Leadership

(5 days)


·         Understanding the difference between leadership and leaders


Module 2

·         How leaders are made


Module 3

·         Handling criticism and opposition


Module 4

·         Indispensable Qualities of Leadership


Module 5

·         Practice and Integrate leadership values into the leaders lifestyle

Advanced Leadership

(2 weeks)

Module 1

·         Power of leadership and why it matters

·         Advanced leadership types and understanding leadership principles


Module 2

·         Defining leadership character and why it matters


Module 3

·         Leadership formation and effectiveness

·         Leadership conviction and faith



Module 4

·         Defining and developing core values to strength character to lead effectively


Module 5

·         Display of Leadership character


Module 6

·         Foundations of morals and ethics in leadership


Module 7

·         Character Defects. How the grow and bring disaster to promising leaders

·         Why leaders fail to lead and leadership


Module 8

·         Understanding the power and purpose of principles and laws in leadership


Module 9

·         Leadership restoration after failure


Module 10

·         Leadership Success Principles and Qualities for Lasting Success, Influence, and Impact

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