It seems to me that our world is desperate for true, genuine, and real leaders. The supply of leaders is low while the demand is extremely high. Authentic leaders are urgently needed because of ethical difficulties and issues that are happening in health, education, sports, politics, religion, etc.

A brief review of the issues, and I see the
Current Ethical leadership issues are as follows

  1. Ethical fading: putting things under the carpet.
  2. Moral hypocrisy: Being actors or hypocrites.
  3. Conflict of interest: Doing things outside their mandate.
  4. Emotional decisions not well thought decisions
  5. Relationships and money effects: Wanting money at the expense of character and principles.

To overcome these ethical problems here is the way out

  1. Develop a compelling vision for change.
  2. Make every decision based on your core values, laws and principles. Any contradiction requires reference to the true north.
  3. Establish clear values. If you have no values, you have no value. If you have no principles you have problems and pain.
  4. Create the environment for people to be ethical.
  5. Remove wrong people in your life. Keep those with character.
  6. Examine your habits and deal with negative habits. Increase good habits.

Therefore, pursue to be an authentic leader by:

  1. Ensure self aware
  2. Employ self-discipline
  3. Invest in learning
  4. Act ethically all the time.
  5. Keep and apply the love principle. Love your neighbour as yourself.

Thank you