A top achiever is a person who will not and cannot settle for less or status quo.  They keep looking for ways to stretch themselves, get better, do better and become better and more. It those qualities that make them a top achiever.  They know that personal growth comes through small achievements and accomplishments.  The keep improving little by little, but eventually, they will become significant.

You need to stretch yourself to do more and become more. Stretching yourself will break, and it causes you to find joy as you keep exploring and expanding. Yesterday, I was chatting with my friend who said, he was 90kgs last year, but he now weighs 80kg. He stretched himself to keep healthy.

You can also stretch by being inquisitive to long term success. We need to ask why and how? Question your thoughts. Are your habits good? Are they helping? How about your relationship? Are you on the right track? How is your balance sheet? How about your goals? Will you succeed? New answers are generated or produced when questions have been asked, and you will start to forge new grounds or climb new heights or take action.

You can also take control. Taking control of your own life since it is the only one you own. Don’t try to drive other people’s lives. Drive yours and stick to yourself.  Your life is like a car. You can park it in the garage or drive it where you want to go. It’s yours.

However, you can do what you want with yourself.  Your life is a blank sheet of paper.  You can choose whatever you want to do. You are the director or CEO. You need to stop wishing but make choices.

Successful people don’t just work hard to get rewarded, but they know and believe it is the only way to get from rags to riches or poverty to a prestigious lifestyle.  They know that hard work produces character, creates opportunities, expands their potential, and in return they get satisfied and fulfilled.  Because they know they have tried their best.

You may not see the immediate gains, profits or gratification from your labor, hard work but the truth is it will eventually come to past. A farmer takes several months to harvest his crops. Someday or sometime in the future, the sum of our words and actions will amount to something.

The truth is here. Those who will achieve more are those say ” I want to grow.” Then, they plan how to grow. The prune off the bad branches, they water the seeds, the allow sunshine, the seed is kept in the right environment, they practice patience, and isolate themselves to grow. They also decide I want to be better. I want to do better.  They resolve within themselves I want the best for me. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get from here to there. They know it’s not enough or get dissatisfied which causes them to do what it takes to get your abilities to the next level.  They say you cannot change what you tolerate.  For things to get better in the future, you need to do more when you are still young. Don’t do what is easy; do what is hard. A new word of faith I saw recently is risk and trust.

Thank you.

Dr. Samuel Odeke