The world as we view today is at a crossroads. There seems to a lack of true leaders. There are dynamic global forces and events are affecting every nation in the world.

We have seen negative effects of globalization, social uprisings, failed governments, failed states, failed economies, financial crisis, job losses and political rivalries.

We have also seen the economic collapse, moral and social decay, rising crime, ethnic cleansing, culture clashes, religious wars, rising poverty, mass migration, inequality, AIDS epidemic, COVID 19 virus, tribal warfare, and religious conflicts.

The existence of these unfavourable conditions calls for sustained, strategic, and coherent leadership development. Therefore, there is a demand for a New Breed of Authentic, True, and quality of leadership in our generation.

In human history and present world, whenever there is a failure to address social, political, economic, technological problems, new leaders emerge to solve them. It is the reason that some leaders get voted out of the office or get fired from their organizations.

CTSL Uganda is taking this responsibility forward to equip and empower future leaders through providing quality information, training, mentoring and coaching.

LEADERSHIP: HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. We hope that all nations’ leaders will overcome the mental and psychological damage to a history of oppression and miseducation.

Suppose they dedicate themselves to investing in self-development, learning, relearning, and freeing the people from the same mental damage or conditioning process that has held them hostage to their past.

In that case, they will succeed and make a difference in their generation. If all aspiring leaders receive training on critical areas such as; the power of principles, character, leadership, personal development, purpose, potential, vision, credibility, success, mentorship, and many others. We have distilled, timeless, tested and well-researched ideas and spirit-filled that will awaken followers as leaders to become in charge of their destiny.

The future of the emerging nations, countries, institutions, and organizations rests in the quality of leaders we identify, develop, cultivate, train, equip, mentor, and empower to serve their generation with humility and an awareness of their indispensability.

May they be the new generation of leaders who love serving more than being served, empowering more than retaining power, giving authority more than taking authority, and producing leaders more than maintaining followers. May they be mentored and become mentors, May they be coached and become coaches. May they become examples of the great leaders who have left a mark that cannot be erased in human history. We can learn from men and women such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Sir Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Mother Teresa, and Julius Nyerere. Above all, we can learn from Jesus Christ, who mentored twelve mentees and gave them authority to go world, developing other leaders.

The Success Story of CTSL Uganda

CTSL Uganda was born as a result of the deep desire to contribute to developing future leaders. The organization started in 2015 as a voluntary organization, and today the organization is known in 20 countries. Over the years, we have seen the faithful work of God where people’s lives have been impacted and transformed by ideas and training offered.

The Challenge

Our challenge is responding to issues affecting humanity. We want effective leaders developed across the entire world. Our goal is to equip and empower aspiring leaders with resources, ideas, information through coaching, training and mentoring.
The Solution to 21 Century Problems
Leadership is the only solution to the problems that have impacted humanity. Leaders determine the destiny of nations, organizations, and all the people. In every country, people look for leadership to solve their problems, including families. Leaders provide vision, allocate resources, and execute plans. Without leadership, we have a bunch of followers who do not know where they are headed. As a result of the global impacts of COVID 19, CTSL adopted the use of online technological approaches to reach out to aspiring leaders and training them.

The Results

CTSL Uganda has witnessed amazing results of people’s lives transformed and impacted. We have stories of individuals who have discovered their life’s purpose and potential. The knowledge, ideas, and wisdom that has been shared through our seminars, training, meetings, and events have made these people live effectively, inspired, informed, and intentional lives. Over 3,800 people have been reached in 20 countries and over 2,000 people have started their businesses in the last five years.

Be Equipped, Be Empowered and Change Your Life