Faith is putting all eggs in Gods basket. Only a person with faith remains positive in the midst of hardships, difficulties or tests. Only a person with faith is confident that there is life beyond the test or crisis. Our faith takes us through the storms of life. We are facing tests. This coronavirus is a test that God allows to check the object of our faith and stability of it. How confident are we? How strong are we?

We can only know if we are strong if we are tested. Our faith is as strong as the tests we overcome. What we are facing is not temptations. Temptations are things that come as a result of our foolish behaviour, actions and decisions. Temptations lead to deterioration, death not growth but tests lead to maturity, the strength of character, endurance and confidence. Tests are the common things which are part of life that demand trust in God. Tests build us up but temptations tear us apart and bring us down.

James 1: 12-17 gives us insight into testing. I believe we must place our faith in God. I believe we must have faith in God’s power not his performance. True faith is strengthened by God and we have to be convicted of it.
Most believers today lack faith and that us why they seem hopeless. Matthew 13:58 says Jesus did not perform miracles in his home town of Nazareth because of lack of faith.

We should place our faith in God, Mark 11:22 is the key to successful living beyond tests.

Be blessed

Dr. Samuel Odeke