First, you need to know your habits. Habits are things which are difficult to change in life. In fact, they are hard. The more you practice doing things in a certain way then you become those habits. There are good and bad habits. Habits become a way of life. Bad habits destroy. Good habits build. You can destroy your life by habits or build it. Great achievement is a result of good habits practiced consistently throughout life. No great accomplishments are possible without good habits.

For instance, a habit of hard work, patience, sacrifice, and self-discipline. If you keep these habits you will enjoy great rewards. If you neglect and assume all, you will pay a heavy price. You will never like it. Everything starts with a daily habit. My experience has taught me the following habits:

1. Success people plan out their day before they start it. Usually before the night before going to bed. Do you do this? In the morning they look at what they are supposed to do and do it.

2. Successful people read books to expand their thinking and get ideas. How many hours do you read each day? Your choice is yours.

3. Successful people guard their health and make it a top priority. You never find them messing up or consuming things that cause illnesses, stress or pain. They make the right choices about their diet. So, choose wisely.

4. Successful people are always determined and focused. They never allow people to distract them. They know what to do and what not to do. They never complain, and compare themselves with others. Avoid comparison trap. Run your race. Follow your dreams.

5. Successful people value their time. They know time is money. Time is life. Life is the passage of time. What you become in life depends on how you have used your time. Time is given in equal measure or units. Learn to live life as if its the last day you have. To manage your time you must have a clear plan of what you want to achieve.

There are many other habits. But if you can apply these ones you will see changes in your life. Success is built through daily habits. I hope this can get you started. These are some habits that have influenced my life.

God bless

Dr. Samuel Odeke