About CTSL is an international not for global profit leadership and Christian organization. Our primary focus is the development of credible leaders and changes agent to transform and make an impact in our communities and world. CTSL trains, mentors, equips, prepares, coaches, transforms and develops the present and future leaders to serve as aspiring leaders, to make the world a better place. Become a member, and you develop and grow future leaders, the partner with CTSL. We prepare, transform and equip you for effective leadership. Why CTSL?

The world has a deep and pressing desire for leadership. It is what inspires and enables humanity to face the challenges in a complex, diverse and ever-changing global environment.

CTSL is committed to advance the knowledge of leadership and practice. We work to provide leadership training, coaching, mentoring for private, public and corporations.

At CTSL we believe that every person is born with the potential to lead, make a difference and influence others. CTSL applies participatory and self-discovery methods through workshops, seminars, meetings, and conferences among other events.
CTSL encourages and empowers leaders to engage in an on-going journey of leadership growth, impact and vision for humanity.

CTSL is a professional, leadership and business development organization. The team is well versed and highly specialized leadership training, research and consultancy services.

Our focus is to enable individuals and organizations to pursue their purpose, potential, vision, and leadership. Further, CTSL encourages the application of that knowledge and wisdom in leadership and business management in both private, corporate and public sectors.

CTSL is the only organization that you can count and rely on because of its diverse experience and wealth of the latest materials. We are a global leadership and transformational organization. We believe that customer satisfaction is built on mutual trust and information sharing.

We also provide online articles for your personal and corporate success at affordable costs and can be shipped to any destination around the globe. We help governments, corporations, organizations, community groups, institutions, and non-profit organization.


1. We believe that God created all human for a purpose and equipped them with potential.
2. We believe that all people are designed to be leaders, make a difference and add value.
3. We believe all humans have a hidden leadership potential waiting for manifestation.
4. We believe all people are created in God’s likeness and have the character of God.
5. We believe there is a seed in every human. There is potential for every person to accomplish
6. God’s bigger purpose. God placed a seed in itself.


1. Honesty and Integrity: We believe in ethical behavior and honesty where individuals are truthful in their actions and behaviors and take the decision without any due pressure and actions against the unprofessional conduct.
2. Excellence and Discipline: We expect every member to perform their work or assignment with excellence. We are interested in quality than quantity.
3. Creativity and Innovation: We desire and cherish creativity and innovation to achieve performance
4. Respect and equality: All humans are equal to each other and must be respected and accorded dignity.
5. Service and Hard work: We are convinced that just as Christ did not come to be served, but to serve. We humbly commit ourselves to serve each other with love and humility.
6. Stewardship and Faithfulness: We pledge that we shall be faithful in our relationships and resources entrusted to us and know we are stewards of God’s resources.