I thought this is one of the greatest discoveries I got in life and it has always helped me. What I have noticed is this. Most people go to sleep with their mind thinking about the problems, challenges or issues they faced during the day. They sleep thinking about what happened especially if it’s negative or bad. When they wake up, they continue from where they started.

They keep thinking of their problems or issues. If someone keeps doing this what then happens? When people wake and begin to think of their problems, these will cause them to run the day. Problems are like sockets of memories in the brain which are connected to people, places, experiences and certain times of the day. If these habit has existed for years then what a person has done is thinking of problems only without thinking of their future.

The memories are the records of the past. As people start those memories, they are already thinking of the past, not the future. Yet life is really determined by the future. What has happened is called the past. And it can’t be changed. But the future is the unknown, might be full of possibilities, options, opportunities, and good or bad things as well. But each of the memories has an emotion. Emotions are products of past experiences. So the moment a person recalls the memories, they feel sad, unhappy, fearful, afraid, scared and get distracted. They start to procrastinate or avoid certain actions.

They resort to going to the old behaviours or habits. The recall process reminds people of the pain. And most humans dread pain. They want no pain at all.

Problems cause the avoidance of what is required to be done. Problems cause people to return to the old good ways of doing things. Yet how you think and feel about yourself, problems affect you. How you think and feel creates your state of being.

So this creates what will be followed. Also, the familiar past becomes a predictable future. So if you believe that your thoughts have to do with your destiny, future what do then do? And the truth is you cannot think greater than the way you think. Your feelings have become the means of thinking which take you to your destination. Past emotions are the thoughts of the past. And this is what really makes people create the same life and no change at all.

I have observed that this makes people do routines, grab their phones, check emails, WhatsApp or call friends, Facebook and tweet and now the feel connected to everything in their life. And they continue with a series of behaviour, take a shower, coffee, tea, chat, drive, or go to supermarkets, shopping malls etc hence they do the same things, see the same people most of the time. This becomes a routine or something like a program.

To me, this means something is missing or lost. And what is lost is the free will or power to decide to a program. So when it comes to change, it becomes a challenge, because there is a subconscious program that the body wants to follow and mind wants something else. Change must start from the mind, not the body. Scientists claim that 95percent of what people become by age 30 is a set of memorised set of habits, behaviours, routines, attitudes, perceptions. This now functions like a computer program. So a person wants to change but they have only 5 per cent power because the body is different program.

How do you make changes? You have to deal with the subconscious mind, which keeps memories which the mind accepts to be true. Now one thing you can do is meditation. This makes people get cut off from their memories, slow them down. When meditation is done properly they enter the operating system where changes in the program can be made.

For most people, crisis, problems are what makes them change. My question is why wait to change when you are desperate or in problems? I think a person can change when there is good or bad times. What I now see is most spend 70 percent of there times in survival not living effectively. And because of this they are always anticipating the worst-case scenario or crisis based on past experiences. And now they embrace the worst possible outcomes. And if this process continues, you do that enough times then you are destined to nowhere. The body will in panic mode all through. People have those addicted emotions, problems and conditions in life. This limits people from achieving their goals and potential.

So when they try to change, they recall what happened and the same chain of reactions is produced causing the same outcomes or results. You wonder why people never change! The answer is in the mind. But if you meditate, you start to imagine the future. So they need to give up the emotions. A servant becomes the master. The mind is the master of everything and body the servant.

Now if someone thinks of the future, it’s unknown and makes them scared because they have never been there. They go back to the past and feel comfortable. The known is certain but the unknown is uncertain or unfamiliar. Now the best way to create the future is to create it and do something about it. How using new thoughts not old emotions or thoughts. Old thought create old memories but new thoughts create new insights. Meditation helps you create new thoughts and lead to new behaviours. So when you get new information and chew it, you begin to destroy the old memories or display. It is like deleting files in the computer. Now when you keep doing this over time, you begin to create new memories which are not past experiences or problems related. Here is when the hardware becomes a software program. Then you become different

The hardest part is to tame our minds so the body doesn’t follow. To change from outside to inside. The sad thing in life is spending time trying to predict the world. There is a law in science called the law of attraction or where there is an action there is a reaction. Cause and effect law, if you do something there is a reaction. This is where i think we live our lives as either victims or agents of change.

I used to blame people for my challenges but really it was due to my mind. And many people are like that. If you switch off the old mind, you become the creator of your world. When your thoughts change, then your emotions will follow and a whole new world emerges and creates a new world. Most people when they have a thought they think that is the truth. This not necessarily true. How many thoughts are produced in one day? Assume 70,000 thoughts, and 90% of these thoughts are not true or connected to your past, how can you move to your future. You cannot create your future by the dwelling of the past. I believe most lives never change because of past experiences. Why? Same thoughts lead to the same choices, actions, decisions, experiences, the same behaviours which creates same habits etc.

A habit is a behaviour that unconsciously occurs most of the time. So i think someone has to become conscious or aware what is going. You need to question your emotions, thoughts etc. How do you think or what do you think? Why is this important? Because your level of consciousness affects your life. Every thought must be examined. Meditation makes you get familiar with yourself. Sometimes you can practice solitude. Its so important to be aware of self.

Just like a garden, weeds must be removed to get good fruits or plants. The mind is like a garden. You have to get rid of weeds. Past experiences or emotions must be removed to create a futile ground for growth. Most people learn about themselves when we are uncomfortable.

In my experience, if you are not driven by a vision of the future, big dreams or goals, then you are left with no choice but going back to the past experiences and living there. And this controls our lives. If a person wakes up in the morning without a clear vision of the future, then you are likely to have the same experience. Personality is created by the same things, personal realities. Everything experience, person, thing that happens is recorded by the brain.

All this brings emotions most of the time. To change your circumstances, environment, the first thing is the mind. Meditation is one tool that helps you disconnect from the environment. If you change the thoughts, the actions will change too and so will be life. When you keep changing your thoughts, it means you are getting back your power, the will to take control of your life. Remember if you want to change, you have to change, if you want to become the best, you have to work on it continuously and non stop. It is a life long process.

Thank you

Dr. Samuel Odeke