Thinking about the current times of coronavirus, one wonders if everything will ever go back to normal. Some people have lost hope, lost jobs, and still don’t know what next.

A few days ago there was hope that government was opening the country. But the hopes were dashed and things seem to go bad. Then, how do you go through the hard times. Hard or tough times sometimes make you think everything is lost. But yet life is bigger than everything. Some people have their families, roof over the head, good health, friends and sometimes many more. I wanted to offer help to someone in how to go through with some Nine ideas, ways.

  1. Be thankful for what you have and value it. Sometimes what you have is all you need.
  2. Keep the possibility thinking of better things to come, may be not fast but later. Keep your self fixed on your dreams.
  3. Keep busy and do something, exercise or do physical exercise. This will give you fresh perspective or thoughts.
  4. Don’t panic. If you are calm, you get ways to handle the situation.
  5. Think. Use your head more than hands. Because your head is the factory of ideas. And ideas are more powerful than any and source of everything. It is the greatest gift God gave man and more powerful than what God gave to wildlife, animals. Creative ideas can emerge and you discover what you are good at and your powerless state changes.
  6. Be organized. Don’t allow tough times to cause you more problems. Your budget is your safety. Don’t live beyond your means.
  7. Be disciplined. Don’t be impulsive in your decision. Sometimes people lose control.
  8. Give what you have and you will receive back. God blesses the giver than the receiver. Sowing and reaping is another way of saying this.
  9. Visualise you having a better life and start working hard to come out of the current situation. Hold your ideas and dreams into your conscience mind until it sinks deep into your subconscious mind. Once it gets there, it will not leave but hold you forever. You will become what you keep thinking.

These are simple but powerful ways that you can come out of fire without even smelling smoke. You can come from the bottom to the top. Are you discouraged? Finally, remember tough times never last but only tough people do. Don’t fall in the category of weak people who watch things happen or don’t know what is happening. Be on the side of winners and those who make things happen. And i believe you are one of them. If you think this a good message share it with your friends..

Best wishes, getting out of tough times with a renewed strategy.

Dr. Samuel Odeke