I thought I should use this moment to share something I said a couple of weeks back. When I finished my undergraduate degree and left university to start real life I knew there were battles and wars to fight. I knew I was alone and had nobody to count except God. I knew I had nobody at the top to pull me but I had to do every to rise from the floor to the top and ascend to the top. I knew the world is not easy and life is hard but there would be opportunities even for me.

Here are the thoughts and lessons that guided my life. I knew I would have to do the following at all costs:

  1. Defend the truth and live with correct ideas and pursue my purpose.
  2. Decision would determine my destiny, life and legacy.
  3. Character would carry me through the course of life.
  4. Success would be linked to obedience to principles, laws and commandments.
  5. Personal growth and development, learning are key to success and management of life.
  6. Development of strong faith was critical.
  7. Building productive relationships and association with people with integrity, who challenge, inspire me and want the best out of me
  8. Learning to manage seasons and mysteries of life, manage people, manage circumstances and problems.
  9. Doing something that makes a difference in people’s lives, add value
  10. Doing everything I can and leaving what i can’t do to God as I pursue my purpose.

Hope this will help you reflect on something.

Dr. Samuel Odeke