In this message, you will find Scripture that you can get time to study on your own. They will encourage, refresh our hearts and inspire us to believe more. And they remind us of the goodness of God. It is very easy to forget about God when everything is perfect. You have a job, wonderful friends and family. It is easy to sing and dance and party when there is no crisis or difficulties in life. A lot of people can talk about how good God is and they are blessed etc. We need to avoid the common problems of familiarity with God. Sometimes we become familiar with God that we forget about Him. Sometimes we forget that God is everywhere, knows everything and we can’t hide anything from him. He knows our thoughts, plans, motives, and struggles.

Job 9:5-7 has something important. This is a guy i think who should have a reasonable and genuine complaint against God. But Job says God is wise and has strength. He has the power to remove mountains. If you read that chapter you will see. A question. Nobody can ask God: What are you doing? verse 12. There is something which will happen and only God does them. We need to pay attention to the Scripture. Verse 10.

God does great things. I learned years ago that there are things in life that we shall never know, understand, get answers or even see. But God knows, understand, sees. From personal experience, I learned to trust God even when everything doesn’t seem clear. Reading Gods word made me know the mysteries of life. Some people do not know their limitations in life. They want to know everything. To me this a source or the origin of pain and disappointment and emotional distress. If you want to find, figure out everything about the life you will never have peace, joy, happiness, contentment and satisfaction. Over 20 years ago, i figured out, I can’t even change my past, history, background, experiences, family, birthplace etc. And, i can try to change the future. Do you think life is tough or easy? Some of you are saying, life is tough, unfair, and you don’t deserve it. I don’t know if you know what Job went through.

Look at Daniel 4:35, God does things according to his will in heaven. No one can stop him or what have you done? Sometimes we get ideas, dreams, plans or vision we want to achieve but along the way we start to pursue. Then nothing works at all. We get frustrated or hurt. Sometimes we blame others etc. But if you know the truth about God, you can have peace in a situation where there are no miracles or storm. Abraham life is a book to me know about God. A man who trusted God for a son past bearing age, His secret is obeying God all through. Many of us are rebellious and we never obey. God now does use people but we might not know if they were used. So we have to be alert. But in Genesis 12, Abraham just obeyed God.

Look at Exodus 3: 13-14. This is a conversation between Mo and God. Moses asked God what shall i tell the people? Read the story….tell them Am who i am. Can you explain what that means today? It adds, I will do what i want and will. God can stop people from doing anything. For that matter, when you find yourself in a difficult situation, just trust God. You need to know some questions have no answers. But we know God knows, he is in control and faith and nothing is impossible with him.

John 20: 34 has something about Thomas. Seeing and believing. Sight and Faith. If we are going to live effectively, we need faith not sight. Jesus said blessed are those who believe without seeing. He said blessed are those with faith. If you have faith you are blessed. If you don’t you are cursed. I have added a little drama by interpreting what Jesus told Thomas. How many of us have faith and where is our faith in? Your faith must only be in God(Mark 11:22). I mean this Scripture.

If you have faith in a pastor, bishop, priest, money, bank account, friend etc. Better check it. Even when you don’t your breakthrough and victory you must believe. Even when you don’t see light in the darkness, believe what God told you in the light. Sometimes, God can test us to check if he can trust us. God never trusts what he has not tested. Toyota car manufacturer never trusts their products like engines before testing. So it is with you. God never blesses without testing. God blessed Abraham after testing Him. God saved Noah after testing him. God tested David with a giant name Goliath.

Who do you think when you are tested? Sometimes you have to go to the pit, prison, bankrupt etc before God gives you blessing so you have experience of living without anything and you learn contentment with humility. Sometimes, you get in a situation were you are helpless and powerless and hopeless and vulnerable etc. Those moments are good because it is when you discover yourself or you go to the depth of your soul to draw from the resources hidden there. You have gifts, talent, potency, skills and etc which get up when you are down in life. Never curse life when things are hard. Bad times are good times to prove you have faith. The death my mum was a turning point in my life.

My life revolved around that woman and i loved her so much. But when she went to be with God, i was exposed to so many challenges and tough times. But God gave strength in my weakness anf gave hope in my hopelessness and power in my powerless situation. He gave wisdom too. I asked God, why do bad things happen to good people? I never got the answer. But years have passed and now i know the answer. God never answers the question why. He never answered even his son on the cross at the hour of great pain and need. But, he knew three days later, God would perform the incredible thing that can’t be done again in history.

Finally, Job 42: 1-5 has a message for you. Jobs story changed. In the end, he was blessed. This guy was righteous before God but things happened to him which he never started. He loved God,prayed and was blameless but he went through things he couldn’t comprehend or explain. When you don’t anything that is happening around you in life, trust God and don’t blame or attack people. Your turn around will come at the appointed time. And God knows when that will come. Read the last of Job. You will see how many more years he lived after the storm. There is life after every problem or storm or crises.

God bless you.

Dr. Samuel Odeke