Time is one of the best things God gave us because it gives us the start and the end of things. I want to share my personal experiences about the stupid things i did in life. Or the mistakes I made in life. When you see me, you will not imagine the scars on my back or hurts in my heart because of being stupid or making mistakes. Some people never accept this fact that all humans beings can be stupid. Everyone has done something stupid.

Everyone has made a mistake. Do you agree? Yes. So many years ago, I learned that impacts changes lives but impressions never change lives. Do you see what I have just said? Don’t aspire to impress people but aspire to impact people

Here is the list of the stupid things I did or the mistakes I committed:
1. I choose some wrong friends. I never analysed their character and values.
2. I trusted the wrong people.
3. I allowed people to take advantage of me.
4. I was naive.
5. I never demanded accountability from some people.
6. I never tested people closest to me.
7. I never did backgrounds checks or asked for references.
8. Most times I was careful but other times I was careless, negligent.
9. Want more, next time I can share

You might be seeing yourself through my experience. That is good. You are going to learn something that changed my life. Stupidity or mistakes can lead us to disaster or danger or destruction. But the way you come out matters. Some people leave their mistakes. If you leave it, you will repeat again. Some people learned from it. If you learn, you never do it again.

What did I learn?
Out of my hurts and scars, I got lessons that I believe can help another person. Here is what saved me:
1. Become responsible. When you fail, don’t blame people. Own your mistakes. Forgive yourself. Most people blame others. You must pay attention to things because if you don’t pay attention things will hurt you.

2. Be humble. When we fall or fail, be humble. We need to embrace the spirit of humanity and humility. Remember, life is tough. Life is tougher when you are stupid. When we dumb things we pay a heavy price and it weighs us down. The life of every man is a diary. We need to write a story and read our story. Can you share the story in the diary with your future grandchildren, great-grandchildren? Think about your story up to now.

3. Be prayerful. God is the protector and provider and owner of all things. God knows everything. What you don’t know, God knows. He allows you to know a little bit. When you are innocent in Gods eyes, things might happen to you but you will overcome. You will go through the desert but you will survive (Joseph is the case study). When you go through the furnace, you can’t be burnt (Meshack, Shadrack is case study). When you are innocent, lions can’t touch you (Daniel is the case study). Etc.. Run to God. When I made those mistakes, I knew that God never gives up on me he is my present help in times of trouble. God never gives up on people. Gods promises are holy.
4. Be teachable. Ask, what did I learn from this experience? Don’t say what did I do?

Other lessons that I learned that shocked me are:

1. Everything is temporary. Nothing is permanent. Problems, pain, losses, are temporary.
2. In a moment it is possible to lose everything. What you have worked for 10, 20 years can be lost in 10, 20 minutes. Don’t put faith in things but in God.
3. We are just one step away from being stupid. Some people think they are too smart but things can turn around. We are one step from falling on our knees.
4. Credibility makes a difference during times of crisis. A good name will protect you. People will come to help you. People will pray with you. People will support you financially, morally and spiritually. Credibility will hold you up.
5. Be less judgmental. Don’t judge people. You are not a judge. Leave the judgment to God or earthly judges. Maybe God allows things to happen to teach you. God knows what i don’t know. I got delivered from some people because God allowed somethings to happen. At first it was painful. I didn’t know i was getting delivered or saved.
6. Be grateful. There are friends that will stand with you in all seasons or changes of life. You will know them. The rest will scatter. Those who stay are true friends. Those who sacrifice when you need them are true friends. I think i have 4 of the people who fall in that list. People will be there to pull you from the pit. But others will be laughing, mocking and pretending. They will wish you all disaster or problems.
Good News: Paul the early church leader said this words, “Give thanks in all circumstances.” When you make mistakes and do stupid things be thankful. Always be positive.

Finally the wonderful truth you need to know.
WONDERFUL TRUTH: These are things that have been tested and proven to be true:
1. God’s word doesn’t fail.
2. Gods mercy and compassion does not fail. His mercies are new every morning and great is His faithfulness.
3. What we do for God does not fail. He repays us back because there is a book of remembrance where everything is documented.
4. Gods love does not fail. People will attack you, cut friendships or avoid you but God will still love you. The problems, knowledge, prophecies will fail.
5. God does not die or fail. Everyone will die and God will judge us rightly. God says don’t be afraid, i will be with you.

Therefore, no matter how many stupid things you have done or mistakes you have made. See, you are not alone. I am one of those who has made mistakes. The mistakes never define you. You are still precious in God’s eyes. God is still God.

Thank you and God bless you.

Dr. Samuel Odeke