Happy new year to you. Thanks to God for grace and life. I wanted to share this piece for my friends especially young people.

A new year comes with expectations and resolutions. Everyone expects good things. How do good things come? Good things come from sweat and right decisions taken in the right places and the right time. The new year 2020 might be a tough year even though there is excitement from everyone. But God promises to bless the works of your hands in everything we do. No good thing comes easy but with discipline, dedication, attitude and hard work. But the problem these days, most people love to claim things. They say things like, I claim that house in Jesus name. I claim that car in Jesus name. They claim things and expect life to change by default. Life can change if we decide to design what we want. Life changes when a concrete plan with clear goals is in place. When is in place, then we need to fold our shirts and get dirty. To get something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done.

Other people want favour but favour demands hard work and facing hardships. People fear hardships, challenges, tests and tears. These are all good for growth and progress.

In the Bible, we have heroes, who were successful and failures. For instance, Moses. The story of Moses had to keep the hands up, the Israelites were winning. Success is a result of doing something. Moses had to keep the arms up and they succeeded. God wants you to be involved in something. God will bless the works of your hands.

As a Christian, you combine hard work and prayer. These are two keys. Keys are principles and secrets. Moses had a staff, what is in your hands. What is in your hands? We must remember, God is in charge of everything but we have to work. Work means to cultivate, develop, become, struggle, feed, and transform. Work causes the release of hidden potential, talent, knowledge and abilities.

This year might come with challenges even though everyone hopes for the best.
Success and victory come from God and the pursuit of principles and obedience to principles. Principles are keys. Winners go through tough times to succeed. For example, athletes go through tough training and preparation. Those who win get medals. Those who fail to get nothing. If you want to win, work and accept the process.

To win, a winning team must have investment not to pray for favour. Winning teams invest their time to plan, train, practice, work and then win. Wining is not accidental but comes from consistency and focus. There are no accidental achievements but deliberate ones.

Also, pray for a favour while you are working. To have success in studies, sleep less than you would do in a normal day. Use your time wisely.

One of the greatest problems today or issues is poverty. So many people are trapped where they are unable to meet basic needs. Think of poverty as a wild beast.

Poverty is like a lion, if you don’t fight, it will eat you. Can you fight a lion? Poverty needs to fight by hard work. To fight the lion, you need wisdom, skills, weapons and strategies. Where do you get wisdom? Wisdom comes from learning, getting the correct information, comprehending it and applying it. To fight poverty, you have to get busy.

There is a story of a woman who was complaining about poverty and lazy husbands. She went to a witch doctor. The witch doctor said find a way to get lioness milk. The woman was astonished but worked hard until she got the milk. She took the milk to the witch doctor and the doctor said since you managed to get lioness milk. Use the same approach, skill to fight poverty and your husband will become a hardworking person.

How to get the milk from lioness? A woman worked out a plan to get a lionesses milk by taming it. How do you get the milk? What you have done is how you will handle lion / lazy husband? It is impossible to fight a lion and defeat. If poverty is a lion in our lives, we need to get in wisdom. Some people are cursing 2019 because they lost it, never achieved their goals. Do not despair. Forget those failures and start again.

Those who succeeded, should not relax. They must keep growing and preserve, sustain what they have. To sustain what God has given us, we need wisdom. You need wisdom.

Finally, here are the last thoughts and concepts to apply in 2020:

1. Don’t look at yourself as a failure in 2019. We need to change our attitudes and strategies, then we can get what we need. If you succeeded in 2019, work harder to sustain your achievements and set new goals. Do not regress.

2. Don’t blame your failures on anyone but examine yourself, do a swot analysis. Don’t blame your failures on your past mistakes. Avoid self-pity. You can achieve what you want.
3. The power to change your life in your hands. Nobody will change yourself except you. You are the director of your life.

4. Change of attitudes helps you to change your strategies and approaches.

5. Manage your time and resources effectively. You can lose your money and gain it. But time can’t be recovered. You can redeem it by planning how it will be used

In the 1970s, 80s, 90s people succeeded because of Magento, illegal businesses. But today, you need academic qualifications. Without hard work, prayer and wisdom, its not easy to make it up. We need Gods anointing. We need to go and explore, do great exploits. May God bless. We need to get out of the box. Think outside of the box.

I wish you all the best in 2020.


Dr. Samuel Odeke