Nobody is great by chance or accident. It comes through commitment. There has to be loyalty. Every person starts as average but through making a commitment. Most people are not committed. I beg you to stay committed. There is a statement in the bible that says offer yourself as a living sacrifice. It is talking about commitment.

You can’t full fill Gods purpose without commitment. Avoid compromising things but be committed. Here are the key commitment to make in life
1. Be committed to your dream, vision, and goals.

2. Be committed to your values and principles

3. Be committed to right relationships, people who multiply you.

4. Be committed to God and identity

5. Be committed to service and work

6. Be committed to excellence

7. Be committed to self-reliance

8. Be committed to personal development, learning and self-improvement

9. Be committed to being the best, specializing and last

10. Be committed to character, good health habits.

God bless

Dr. Samuel Odeke