We are living at a critical time where is uncertainty and ambiguity in many spheres of life. There seems to be the convergence of the tides and overwhelming heat just as it happened in Amazon forest were thousands of trees were burnt down. Authorities tried to use the armed forces and water planes to stop the fires but the efforts failed. There is a trade war between US and China that is not ending. There is a feud between US and Maduros government in Venezuela.

There is unending conflict in the nation’s of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia. Regionally, Sudan is just getting back to order after several months of protests that led to fall of Omar El Bashir the strong man of 30 years in power. Mugabe died in a Singapore first class health facility leaving behind wealth and riches. His death is still a contradiction.

In neighbouring DRC, Ebola has not been contained as over 2000 people have perished due to the epidemics. Then, unemployment of over 70% is affecting many people in most countries. The blame is on leaders. Some countries have decided that foreign nationals go back to their countries. But in most countries we have the club of the rich who have amassed wealth at the expense of the poor. The poor are becoming poor every passing of time, unable to spend a$1 a day. Where is hope. Those who are rich have put their faith in their wealth and those who are on the opposite side of the continuum are hopeless.

As i study the winds of change, i predict that it will continue to blow and no body can stop the currents. The shores are going to receive the waves and morals are going to degenerate into the lowest levels were the ethos, will not be of concern. Some people want easy money. This is dangerous. The best money is hard earned money . I believe everyone needs to pay attention to revolution of reclaiming values of my grandmother as a farmer. I think what matters most today is values because they are the key to winning . People have become selfish. You can smell greed, deceit, decay, immortality and many others.

I treasure and steward fealty, charity, prudence, honesty, discipline, accountability and equity. When i think of this virtues, i think of my mums old friend who is in her 60s+. Her savings are with the national security fund. Other old citizens have their pension with governments.

Someone is going to steal that money and the old people will go to their graves with pain. But the ghosts will haunt them who do such things because there will not be peace. Imagine my aunt as the only shareholder and her saving the only asset and you are the manager. You should secure it and ensure happy retirement for the elderly. In my view the most important idea is sacrifice the immediate gratification for the longterm one. But most people today about 99% want things now, instance success and fame and power and status. As we struggle with unique complexities of the 21 century it is prudent to remind ourselves what matters most now is whats mattered always are the core fundamentals values and principles. You can’t break principles and get away without paying the price, impossible. Violation of any principle has consequences that are horrible. This is true. Wages of sin is death and what you sow is what you will harvest. If you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind. It will be multiplied. That is why God says, no peace for the wicked.

I believe we need to understand the root cause of the crucible crises, learn and develop solutions based on theory, practice and principles. Albert Einstein said, “You can’t solve the problems at the same levels of thinking that caused it.” In other words, you need more wisdom to deal with it. Jesus said you have to be wise as the builders who built the house on the rock not as foolish as the one who constructed the house on sand. He said he who hears and applies this is a wise person. Am witnessing the mother of all greed, hangovers. The inevitable and predictable outcomes of irresponsible acts. We have a moral crisis. We have willful irresponsibility and the transgression are expanding daily. Everything is eroding because of selfish intentions and interests.

If we cant learn to change, the end is bad. I think of how the Lehman brothers company collapsed as the way some people are going to end. I think there should be a quick autopsy of morals and codes of conduct. Sometimes i think human being are stupid. Am sorry to say that but i am actually right. Why? Stupidity is contagious. Some people have put tattoos on their bodies without knowing why and they just adopted it. Some people are following others blindly not knowing they will end up in the ditch. Others have myopia. Others deny it not true.

But the simple truth is simple. God watches everything and every motive. His eyes are upon the righteous. No academia, scientists, psychologist or preacher can address the issues if the human heart. There is going to be increased irregularities and irreparable damage on the lives on many people.

The second political leader of Israel after Saul lost power in the bible tried to trust his reaches, chariots and suffered humiliation of defeat but when he put his trust in God, he established peace in Jerusalem. Jerusalem means the city of peace. Salem means peace. Jeru in Hebrew means a city. There are problems but they are not more more powerful than principles. Principles always win no matter what the conditions are. And the problem is we didn’t create principles. They existed before we came to earth and must abide by them. A fish should stay in water. It found itself there. If it gets out because its tired or bored, you don’t need to pray for it. You will see what will happen. Trees must stay attached to soil and not complain of restrictions. If it unplugged itself, it will dry. Man should have a relationship with God, the source. If they disconnect, man malfunctions. Spouses stay in marriage, self-explanatory. Children honour parents. Leaders fear God and be accountable to your followers. Employees you must follow the rules.

This has been too much writing. The grace of God is about obedience to God word. Everything you ever need in life is available. You need God first, then discipline your life, obey the laws, be mentored and you will succeed. If you refuse the mentor has nothing to gain from you. I have people whom I mentor and i have nothing to gain from them. Two days a go a white tall giant an American man has been observing my life. He has listened to my views and he came saying i want you to mentor me. He has two degrees and two masters. So am going to help him by laying a foundation. What am doing is sharing my gift which is mot even mind. But am aware of the core things every human must have to survive the torrents of life. Why? Everything you trust now will not be worth if trust. Nothing. Put God first.

Thank you
Dr. Samuel Odeke