Every one wants to succeed in life. And nobody wants to fail. But the problem is that humans beings do not know the truth of how to guarantee success. Some people have confused money or fame or popularity or riches with success. What is a true success? Success can’t be pursued but it is a result of obedience to laws or following secrets designed in creation. If you never learn those precepts or secrets, it impossible to achieve it. Success leads to influence but failure results in no influence.

If you learn the principles then you can guarantee it. The catch is that one. But for now, I can say the key to success is becoming a person of value. Because value is the same as worth. The more valuable you become, the higher the value. If you are not valuable in a job, you can be laid off easily because you have no bargaining power. Those who have more value can decide how much they earn or how much they get paid. But those with less value, are easy to let go. Further, the more sophisticated the problem you solve in the company, the higher your value. Young people don’t want to be advised because they think they know it.

But truly speaking, those who you are successful never arrived where they are by accident. There is no accidental success. Some call it luck. I have never heard a story of a mountain climber who accidentally arrived at the top of mountain Everest. If you ask those who go there, they will tell you, it was hard to reach the top.

Besides, everything worthwhile is always up. Your dreams, hopes, visions are all up. Those who succeed are willing to initiate action again and again. They keep trying until they make it. They have a desire that is strong than any resistance or opposition or obstacle.

Further, they are willing to fail. Because failure is part of success. But failure is what everyone hates. Those who dare to fail greatly achieve greatly. Those who never risk will soon or later stay with their dreams. They will end up with their plans and ideas to one of the wealthiest places of the world called the graveyard.

However, there is a price to pay for every promise. Among them is hard work, discipline, consistency, and focus including time management. Time management is passage of life. When time is spent, life is spent. Time should be used to advance towards goals. But you can’t control time. Time is controlled through planning. Planning is man’s gift and ability to regulate the use of time. It is impossible to control time without a plan. And God gave humans the brains to think and capacity to determine their destiny. It is a choice and decisions that determine where people end up in life. Some people blame their family backgrounds, parents, teachers or friends. But the truth every day you can decide whatever you want to do with your life.

You can decide to develop or destroy your life. You can choose to have discipline or not. Everything is simply a choice. Growth is possible. Change is possible. You can decide to become different. And time allows us to do that. If there was no time, we could not make those changes. Time allows us to divide life into three dimensions or segments. The past, present, and future. You can decide to change what you want to be in the future even if the past was bad or not good.

I thank God for the past because it is a portion of life, not the entire life. The past must be forgotten and buried. But we must press to the future because it is more valuable than the past. If you keep looking at the past, it can depress you because a lot of the past has painful memories or experiences. It can stop you from achieving your goals and change your life. The past should be used as a school for studying lessons and insights about life. It should be for educational references, not a habit.

The key to the future is trapped in your present. You are carrying your future. It is with you. You are like a seed with the future on the inside. If you do apply laws to nature to plant a seed, it won’t produce fruits. It has to go through a process. You too are just like that. I used to blame my past but now I no longer do that. I know that the past was a season in life. And every season has its own blessings. Those who gain from a season are those who took advantage of the spring, autumn, winter, etc.

Those who sleep when its planting season will be like Mr spider starved to death as mr ants survived because he was busy planting. There is no mystery in life except that someone has to discover the truth about it. Truth is nothing but original information. Jesus said it sets people free. There are people who are smart but in bandage because they have not discovered the truth. The future is the best season in life because it has power, where you can decide to grow.

Growth is the process of dropping some habits, developing new disciplines and improving the quality and quantity of life. Growth can lead to improvements if well managed. Because everything demands management. Failure to manage leads to loss.

Finally, here are the things that need management:

1. Manage your emotions
2. Manage your time.
3. Manage your priorities
4. Manage your energy
5. Manage your thinking/ideas
6. Manage your words
7. Manage your problems
8. Manage your personal life.
9. Manage everything that needs management.

Hope this helps someone somewhere.

Thank you!

Dr. Samuel Odeke