I have watched life for close to 5 decades now and i have studied human beings in diverse settings and countries. I have come to a simple conclusion that Knowledge is critical for success. As you think of life, one day, you will be in a relationship leading to the creation of a family through marriage. Remember this

The greatest source of human joy and pain is found in the drama of love and relationships. Marriage is one of those relationships where the drama is played. Today many people have questions if it’s viable and valid to get married. People openly wonder if it’s a good thing. Does it contribute to the original esteemed relationship which served as the bedrock of social development?

There has been an epidemic and explosive rise in separation, divorce which continue to fuel fear, hopelessness, disintegration, disillusionment, and despair that people fear about marriage. Many people are skeptical and question their chances of success in marriage. The situation is serious that most people prefer to get children through IUDs, Some cohabit with no formal contract or legal agreement. People hate commitment, no strings attached. In fact, we are seeing a generation were people don’t respect the institution of marriage as God intended it from the beginning.

Those who have suffered failed marriage know this experience. People develop resentment, anger, which manifests itself in the transfer of broken relationships and emotional issues. Because of failure in relationships, some are open to say no marriage or don’t believe in marriage anymore.

The negative press given with high profile or celebrities in sports, religion, entertainment, politics, and sadly the church where marriage have failed have not helped

This has served to erode the respect, confidence and high position the marriage institution held in the social structure of society and communities.

Where are we heading? What is the truth? Will marriage institutions stay strong? Will they survive the onslaught of negative press, horrible stories of GBV, domestic violence? And those who advocate for same-sex marriage, marriage has outlived its use?

If we do away with it, what is the next available options? What more effective strategy to raise children, commitment, loyalty, support, sense of community and get love, sense of belonging, the importance of security and respect?

In the last 6000 years of human civilization, social order and development have occurred because marriage was the foundation of life at the house level. Every society and culture recognized the power of marriage, they practiced it, knew the need for a formal arrangement for the healthy development of families.

I believe no matter how smart people become in technology, education, systems marriage will remain the bedrock for social order. Marriage is such a good idea that God created it.

Even though there are sad stories about failed marriage s, broken homes, marriage is still a good thing. If you get right Knowledge, how to approach it, apply the wisdom it will work. Education, intelligence can’t save it but true knowledge and revelation will make it work. Misconceptions have led to failed relationships. I will explain!!

God bless

Dr.Samuel Odeke