Everything in life comes from hard work. There are easy and difficult things. But if you want a better and effective life, you must have a quality of self-discipline. Self-discipline is defined as the highest form of personal attention to rules and principles and values for the sake of your goal.

A goal is the desired objective to be achieved that creates what do list or not todo list. A to do list is what you are obliged to do weather you like it or not. It is a list of non-negotiable activities which contribute towards your life goal.

To achieve self-discipline is a tough job for most people because we are creatures of the environment. Besides our association create our lives. You become whom you hang out with. If you are staying with small-minded people, you discuss small things, gossip, problems, challenges.

If you are with big-minded people you discuss strategies, opportunities, dreams and visions and missions. I can remember every conversation that transformed my life. A lot of people do not know the danger of associations. Self-discipline makes choose whom to speak with and for how long. Self-discipline regulates how you use your time and resources. Without self-discipline, there is no future.

Self-discipline requires you to set high standards and impose them for yourself. But where is the source of discipline? You can put in place all rules and laws, for discipline and you will find broken rules or laws. The source of discipline comes from revelation. The word revelation means vision. The source if discipline is vision. And that is why King Solomon said ” Without vision people perish, and blessed is the man who keeps the laws” Proverbs 29:18. The key to life, greatness and influence is self-discipline. If you lack discipline, you are not going any farther than you have reached. Therefore, you need the vision to keep you focused. The focus makes you discipline yourself because you believe in your goal than anything else. Let’s see how it works. If your vision is to lose weight, say 10 kgs. Your vision can only be achieved if you have the self-discipline to control your appetite and avoid bad eating habits. Vision is the source of discipline.

What then is the vision? Vision is the ability to see things as they could be not as they are. Vision is the capacity to see the future before it comes into being or present. Vision is seeing the future with the eyes of faith and confidence that what you believe will come to pass. Without vision you will always focus on petty, selfish or small things in life. But with vision, you focus on things that cause a big difference and impact. Vision means to believe or dare to hope for things which money cant buy. Vision is risk-taking courage based on foresight and conviction. Vision is powerful because everything that has changed the world existed in the invisible before it became visible.

I am convinced that without a vision, you will relieve your past. You will always have a revision of the past. A revision is when you go back to look at things that happened. In school or college, a revision is going back to old notes to remember. One of the things Paul said in his teachings to Philippians 3 was forgetting what lies behind. He called on the focus to a high goal and press on to achieve what God promised. Most of the people are reliving their past. They keep remembering what happened. The best thing to do is to follow your goal because it has the power to pull you through every difficult time. The point is without self-discipline, your destiny is going to be an experiment. You will keep trying things and get frustrated. Vision is the source of goals, strategies, outcomes and activities.

The vision then attracts resources and opportunities.
If you are reading this message, you need to pray for God to show you a vision so you can get self-discipline. Without discipline, it’s tough to refuse things.

Thank you,

Dr. Samuel Odeke