Yesterday, at Entebbe airport waiting at the lounge, I was taking tea when a smartly dressed west African man approached me. He said can I join his table. I said sure. Please, come. He came and we sat. I asked him where he was going. He said am going to Turkey. Then we chatted. I learned he is a chairman of a large organization in west Africa.

He said he saw me happy and wanted to know why? I told him before I answer, can I ask you a question? He accepted. My question was are you happy? He said no. Then, I asked him why? He said he has money, opportunities, and property, etc but he is always unhappy, worried and so many things like that.

He was honest. I told him what I do and briefly about myself. Then, I told him why I was happy. I told him several years ago, I learned that everything problem has a solution and its season. The challenge is to outlast the season. I told him my happiness was not because I have no problems but because I discovered the most powerful secrets of dealing with and living life on earth. I explained one secret of faith to him and how it works. I told him, he needs to keep the faith and know that faith is the currency of Gods country just as money is the currency for earthly nations like Uganda. Then I told him, a rich man in Uganda is one with more money and a poor one has little. Then, I said in Gods country in heaven, the more faith you have the richer you and can do business with God. You can buy anything.

Then, I asked him of his personal development and personal doctor. He said he has a doctor but has not developed himself personally. I told, try personal development too. I told him those can treat some health problems and they can give a dose of medication for 5 days. I realized his pain was coming from the soul and mind. I told him, I wanted to prescribe a medication for him if it’s okay. He said yes. A few minutes before he came, I was reading Psalms 23. Then, I thought of what that psalm does to me. I said quietly this man lacks faith and needs it because, without it, life has no meaning. Then I told him, to read psalms 23, 3 times a day for 5 days. I felt so happy that I was given medication to treat a hurting soul. Can you imagine that as medicine for spiritual health? Some problems or sickness can’t be attended by medical professionals.

Then, my last word before he went was he should take time to pray because its the greatest and powerful tool on earth. I told him, he can always reach out to me. He appreciated me, gave me $300. He took my phone contact and says he contact me.

Now, someone is unhappy somewhere. I kindly prescribe that you read Psalms 23, after every 8 hours for 5 days. You will experience peace and happiness. Prayer works and Gods word has life in it.