This is something, I believe I needed to share with believers. My goal has been to equip and empower someone with the truth. Please, ignore if this has no value. But, I will try to discuss it.

Now, many people will live there whole lives and never know their real enemy. They will not understand why things are not going on well. Many of these people are Sunday church Christians, believers and attended Sunday school. They have an idea about God. And they suffer from one problem to another. The real enemy is satan or the devil. Satan is real and the plan of satan is to make us doubt God. His three goals include:

1. Draw us away from God.

2. Disorganize from Gods purpose

3. Divide, kill, cheat and destroy, laugh at us as failures.

Satan is a real person, one of the angels God created but decided to compete with God, Ezekiel talks about it. I believe every person is under attack from the devil but some people doubt this or don’t realise this fact. When they say they doubt it means they doubt the word of God or don’t believe God.

If some doubts, its like being in the middle of lions and you say i don’t believe will lions can kill or eat humans beings. Here is the truth. Satan is real. He is a liar, deceiver, and many people will be victims of this enemy.

Romans 8: 5- 6 says something as the way satan operates and God. Satan uses the flesh and God the spirit. What is flesh? It does not mean our bodies. Flesh is the inherent desire that opposes God’s will, purpose and plan. Every person has flesh. Paul called it flesh. And satan uses the mind as the play ground and battlefield to get us. Thus the mindset of the flesh is death but the mindset of the Spirit is eternal life. A mindset of the Spirit submits to God. Those who are controlled by the flesh can’t please God. But when you believe Jesus as your saviour, then you have the Holy Spirit. We can choose whom to follow, satan or God.

There are followers who were born in Christian families but have never encountered the Holy Spirit. We need to remember, any bad thought come from the devil and when you listen to him, you are getting information from the liar. The goal of satan is to mislead, deceive, destroy. Because the enemy attacks the mind.

2 Corinthians 4:4 says satan has blinded people not to follow God but when we follow God we are sealed by Christ because God sealed Jesus as the son. A seal is something very important. John 6 says Jesus is the only the father has sealed. When something has a seal, it means its authentic. Satan has tricks he uses. He tells us what to do, when to do, short cuts, but usually entices us. Whom do you listen, satan or God?

The following are the strategies satan uses:

1. Satan directs people’s intentions to a need or desire for something you do not have. Satan doesn’t remind you what you have, how blessed you are but tells you what you don’t have. The same tactics he used in the garden of Eden with Eve and Adam. This two had everything they needed to live but satan told them to try get the tree in the middle. He created unrealistic desire, unhappiness or discontent.

2. Satan chooses the right timing when you are vulnerable, hopeless. Look at the time in the Bible when satan appeared to Jesus in the wilderness. The devil knows the time. Usually, it happens when you are hungry, angry, lonely and tired or exhausted( HALTE). He knows those moments are the best to put you to the pit. Everybody has a weakness.

3. Satan creates doubt in the mind. The bible is the word of the living God. Its all true and the devil will attack you when you are weak. People who are under attack know how to defend themselves and interpret Scripture. They say words like Gods grace is sufficient, rationalise, even sin or rebel against God.

Do you believe the word of God?

Do you believe all the word of God?

4. Satan creates a stronghold, a wall in the mind such that you don’t accept any advice at all. You don’t get advice from anybody because they might not have the authority. You get advice from people who have a story, an experience and a lot of knowledge and wisdom. I remember Jesus told Peter to strength the brothers after the experience of denial of Christ. Peter was qualified. Not everyone can advise you. Be careful. Seek advice from authorities.

5. Satan wants us to get into a debate with him. He apparently approached Jesus and started to teach or tell Jesus what the scriptures says. But Jesus defeated satan because he knew the word of God. You cant deal with satan unless you know the Scripture and apply. That is why it is important to study the word of God because the Holy Spirit will bring it to you in remembrance when you need it. You can’t memorize everything in the bible, it’s too complicated. But study it.

6. Satan uses deception or lies. Deceive means to make something appear real then we get attracted. He makes bad things look good. For instance, brings attractive women to men and handsome men to women bring easy money, brings you to think God has forgotten you. Sometimes, life can be tough but if you stay faithful, God will get pleased with you. Psalms 37: 4 says, delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Satan uses many ways.

7. Satan creates division. When the word of God is removed, there will be strife, fight, doubt, suspicion. Satan will tell you all kinds of things.

8. Satan will tell you all will be okay. You will think you can do it on your own. This is the reason we should be praying, meditating, all the time.

Finally, the goal of satan is to destroy good relationships, friendships, careers, destiny and plans. And make us disagree, disobey, doubt, the word of God. The same enemy is still roaming on earth. He has not gone to hell for punishment. Watch out at all the time.

God bless you.

Dr. Samuel Odeke