I am convinced that faith is one of the most important components of living on earth especially in the times we are living. As a matter of fact, its so vital as a believer because every day you need it. We often take this for granted but the truth is we live by it. Faith is a vital part of life. When faith is lost, so many things happen. In the bible, Numbers 13, has a story of Israelites going to the promised land and they have been away out of Egypt for more than 35 years. One the things, these people experience is what I call Faith failure. Faith failure is being unable to trust God for their own reasons, because of situations, opposition, obstacles.

In vs 25-33, they said brought a report of what the saw after 40 days of spying. These people saw the promises, milk, honey but also saw the people whom they perceived as powerful. There are people in your circle of influence whom you fear and they might hold powerful positions. You need to know they are just human beings. Those positions mean nothing. Failure in life always begins when there is fear.

All failure begins are attributed to fear. The story shows when doubt of people in the group. Sometimes you have a group of people whom you are to do something God promised you. And you will find only a small number will believe and the majority will doubt.

I have learned that people can either believe what God said or what you see or perceive. The choice is always ours. What we see can be deceiving but what God promises will always come to pass. In Numbers 14: 5-14 we see the reaction of people about the report. This story has people wanting to go back to Egypt and preferred slavery. The story has information about those who believe and doubt. In my experience, everyone begins life from slavery, oppression, then God shows up, delivers, frees you and leads you to the promised land. Before the promised land you see all types of miracles.

Regardless of the past, your future is still in Gods hands. We all have a past failure at something but if we trust God, he will lead us to that future. Here is a group of people who go to see the land, only two believe they can take the blessings.

Causes of Faith failure
1. Fear of failure itself. In this case, those men are so big, we cant defeat then. But read 2Timothy 2:7, fear paralyzes the thinking, plans etc. Think about these people they were slaves and poor, but they still wanted to go back to it. I can’t believe this text. They even wanted to fight Moses until God intervened. Do you know people like this?

2. False information. There were only two people who believed God for the promised land with milk and honey but the 10 doubted God. I think this is why only 2/12×10=16%. I think only a small proportion of people in the world will be successful. And the key is the size, object and power of their faith. Why do we believe God? Is it because of the promises, blessings or because he is God? Where is your faith? In the blessings, promises or God. Always put your faith in God not the things, blessings or promises of God. Because He might withhold. What will you do if God stops the things, blessings or promises?

3. Fear of environment and conditions encountered. Some people fail because of fearing what they see. Conditions change, things change and God never changes You might not have anything now, money, wealth etc, things will change. Psalms 37: 4 is one of my favourite scriptures, it says delight yourself in the Lord and He will cause your plans to succeed.

4. Listening to people with little faith can cause failure to believe God. Always be careful of the people you talk too or the information you get. Because there are people in our midst who doubt God and can cause you too to doubt. And that is why you need to rely on the Spirit of Truth. Their negative attitudes can affect you.

5. Faith failure due to failure to recall or remember what God had done in the past The Israelites were delivered by God but see how they doubted the word of God. How can you forget the red sea? How can i forget where God brought me from? Humble beginnings with nothing, walking on foot, sometimes with relatives, going to bed without food, lacking basic. How can you forget that and you know that God helped you? You saw the evidence of Gods work? How can you then doubt God.

They fixed there eyes on the giants.
The same thing can happen to your life. Are you willing to believe God. Little or big things can interfere with your faith. If you believe that my God shall supply my needs according to his riches in glory. Then believe him.

6. Failure to see things from Gods perspective. When you look at things through Gods eyes, you see victory, winning, success. Never look at the past and judge that the future will be like that way. Joshua and Caleb believed God. How big or rich is God? Who do we believe? People who are committed to God trust him. The same God of your youth is the same today.

7. Focused on the obstacles than God. The people preferred Egypt and not Cannan. You trust God. It is not good to go back to Egypt but rather die in the fight for the promised land. Always do go back if God delivered you. There is something that God delivered you from. Sometimes we miss Gods blessings because of fear and wrong focus. Are you going to trust God? Do you listen to God? Do you want God always to prove to you what will happen? God will never cross that line. He will reveal things bit by bit and give you what you believe to get it.

Every decision demands we take Gods word not the views or opinions or experiences of people. The will of God is more important than anything. Some of us might be in the wilderness, we need to keep going to the promised land. A wilderness is a place in your life where nothing seems to work, you face hardships, tests, enemies, lack basic needs and many things. Don’t go back to “Egypt “, where God delivered you from slavery but keep looking or holding at the vision of the promised land. When in doubt trust God, when in fear read his word and when in crisis, run to God.

My prayer is this Gods word will touch you and empower you to believe God. Feed your faith to destroy fear.

Thank you,

Dr. Samuel Odeke