Our world is falling apart due to so many challenges. We have joblessness, poverty, misery, suffering, oppression, disease, disasters, wars, riots, mental illness, unemployment, prostitution and so many people in debt and life is just unbearable.

Are you one of those persons who has experienced any of those conditions above and now you feel hopeless?
Nobody cares about you.
Nobody is interested in you. You have had all kinds of experiences, pains, problems. And something is missing.

The word hope is a very important one. It is a word of optimism, cheerfulness, expectation. Every person needs hope about many different things in life. When you have hope you do anticipate, expect, you look forward to something. But when you have no hope there’s a sense of loss or dread. You find yourself in a mack where you can’t figure out why.

There are multitudes of people who have no hope in them. They have no hope getting married, getting jobs, getting good homes. They have no hope on their children, health, education or government. They have no hope about there financial independence, future. They have no about life itself. And no hope of life after death. They are trapped in a situation of hopelessness. They feel like there lives are going no where. T

But i believe that was not the intention of the Almighty God. God intends us to have confidence, goals and purposes to accomplish. Many people don’t have it. God wants us to have hope and enjoy life.

There are many examples of people who were hopeless. For instance, Hannah, Hezekiah and samaritan woman at the well among others. Lets look at the story of the samaritans woman in John 4: 1-16 and 39-

I trust the story of samaritans woman who had a bad beginning with a good ending. In this story Jesus was at a well when the samaritan woman cane to collect water. Look at the conversation between the two. Jesus gave answers to respond to the woman, he said he was a living water. This story is one which is about hopelessness and helplessness. Look at the woman and what hopelessness does to people. Sometimes people are hopeless because of the things they have done in life. Also because of the way they have lived, decisions and choices they have made. And sometimes it is not the person fault. For this woman, she was married five times. Having been married five times, she must have suffered difficulties. She must have been a pretty woman and all men were running after her like some people want in life.

They think there beauty is everything. She must have been called names prostitute, sly and moreover in small village. She was the the talk of the community i believe. Been married. She seems to have had this insatiable desire. She must have been emotionally exhausted, empty been married five times. Nothing really good. She must have felt morally dirty, spiritually filthy, dirty because of decisions made. Do you know anyone who is like this? You have been love by this man or woman or hated by this person or that one but used by all of them. How do you feel? And you don’t feel satisfied. Nothing is working.

All your goals are behind. All your plans, dreams and expectations are shattered. Now you have nothing to hope for. You might have tuned off God away longtime ago. You might have rejected counsel, guidance, corrections and discipline but now you see your life in a complete mess or state of confusion, despair, downfall, downhill. And you look at your friends and you see how their lives are going on wonderfully. Where are you in life? It is dark. It is like being in a swamp. You seem have given up. Some men and women are like this situation. Some young people who are not yet mature will fall into this trap if they don’t make correct decisions. People do criminal acts. We are living at a time more people are hopeless. This is why they cross borders, risk waters to Europe, move to urban areas, live in slums and do anything to find little hope. This samaritan woman was in that situation. But the encounter with God’s son Jesus transformed her life. When you think of who this woman life? She went to collect water at noon and this man a jew. The jew asked for water from samaritan manner. Samaritans had no connection to the Jews. But Jesus in a loving manner spoke to her, asking give me a drink. The woman said no, but Jesus said i will give you living water and you will never be thirsty again. Suddenly Jesus talked about the woman’s many husbands. Jesus never criticized her but he knew about her. The conversation went on. Jesus said my water is living water , spring to eternal life. The woman said something about messiah, could you imagine what happened? Jesus said am the messiah. And now the disciples come back. The disciples were surprised to meet Jesus talking to the samaritan. Jesus never condemned her.

She felt loved. She took off running to the city to tell them that i have met this man. Her running to me was due to hope being restored. She went to the city where she had been rejected and testified about what she had encountered. And many people believed because of what she told. The woman became a city evangelist from nobody. She was full of life. Why? Jesus transformed her life. Her life had changed. She went talking about a man.
Are you this person who is hopeless?

Are u like this woman? If you can remember your life. Until you take a bold decision to drink the living water from christ you will still drink from old well. You will always be thirsty for unclean relationships, affected emotionally and you will desire drinking sex, smoking, drugs etc. You can’t have enough alcohol, drugs, sex. You cant get satisfied and significant in life because of those things.

You become significant in life when you discover your life’s purpose, gift and you serve them. You can’t be great in life because of how many women or men you have slept with. You can’t be great, successful because of how many cigarettes or beers, drugs you have taken in life. Those things make you the least in life. God created you to be productive, successful, wise, and purposeful. If you never accept Jesus as your lord, you will never discover your purpose in life. When you have a purpose for living you will not be hopeless in life.

Because your purpose gives you passion, perseverance and endurance. My prayer is you will need to stop and look at your life. If you are hopeless, it is time to get hope. Hope gives you ability to face life as it is. May you be blessed.

Dr. Samuel Odeke