I want to destroy some ignorance here because I have noticed some people have abused the term hard work. Theodore Roosevelt said, ” Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at something worth doing.” Can you imagine the leader of a great nation talking like that?

It is vital to note that hard work is both a beginning and an end in itself. The harder a person works, the better he feels; and the better he feels, the harder he works. The best ideas will not work unless you work the ideas. Great talent without willpower and hard work is a great waste and a loss.

We need to learn from nature. A duck can keep paddling relentlessly underneath the water but appears smooth and calm on the top. Hard work to me is a way of life.

This means there is no magic to success. In the real world, success comes from the doers not observers. Nature gives birds their food but does not put the food in their mouth or nest. They have to work hard for it. Nothing comes easily. It took Noah Webster a total of 36 years to complete Webster dictionary. What an attitude?

Even small accomplishments require hard work. A small good action is a lot better than a good intention. It is so sad that our world has people doing nothing and unemployed.

I have noted some people stop working as soon as they get their first job. Nowadays it is hard to find good people who are willing to work and give more.

Many times you hear, don’t work hard but work smart. What does working smart mean? I have been researching and here is what they mean:

  1. Learn from other people’s mistakes because we never want to repeat them. We do in a short cut way.
  2. We need to find a short process that accelerates the achievements of our goals.
  3. We need to reach the end faster or destination in a shorter time.

Acceleration means speeding up the process and bypassing the process required. Working smart sometimes might mean compromising some standards and values. In my view, the key to success in life is working hard and smart. Smart means you apply prioritizing, planning, preparing and organizing. And there is no substitute for hard work. Working hard should include working smart. I was taught as a child, to eat you must work. Today’s kids think of eating without hard work at all. No free lunch.

Hope you can learn and be better.

Dr. Samuel Odeke